What Happened to the Columbia Mall? Preview Video

Coming soon to Maury County Now: What Happened to the Columbia Mall?

We need your help! If you have any photos in the Columbia (Shadybrook Mall) please send them to MauryCountyNow@gmail.com! We need them to show the history of the mall for this upcoming special feature!

In this soon to be released investigative mini-doc series, Maury County Now takes a look at the crippled Columbia Mall and why the company that owns it,

Hull Property Group, is failing Columbia and Maury County.

5 Replies to “What Happened to the Columbia Mall? Preview Video”

  1. maury county will not suport its county. that is why we cant get the business here we need. people would go north before they will shop here in columbia.and that is a shame but it is the truth it has not always been like this the mall had the business for all the county south of nashville. but we lost it for looking for something better. you can have all the build all the building you want but until you can attract good businesses and suport them and the old businesses dont blame it on hull property group blame it on columbia. things will continue to be the same wake up columbia it is your time to shine again.

  2. I hope you have some luck with the mall owners. I have written them twice over the past several years. The last letter I wrote was about Goody’s, well come to find out that was Goody’s & not the mall owner.
    We need more shopping here in Columbia, TN. And that is dept stores, not antique malls!
    Thank you for all your hard work!

  3. What would work? A Pro Bass Shop ! A Justin Boot and Cowboy City Store ! A Factory direct CARHARTT Store ! A Dillards ! A Stein Mart ! A SAKS ! A Diamond Gusset Outlet with a Mule Town Edition ! Bring Back the Fountain and its original name “Shady Brook” ! Turn it into a “County Government” complex with plenty of PARKING !!!

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