Maury County Now June 16th 2014

Segments include:
-Lion Pride: Saving Central High School

To help save Central High School, contact your County Commissioners!

John Goodloe 1 931-381-9216
Don Morrow 1 931-446-2901
Dr. Lucy Ledbetter 2 931-380-1728
Andy Wilhoite 2 931-380-0306
Gary Stovall 3 931-381-8748
Talvin Barner 3 or 931-215-0954
Kelly Powell 4 931-381-1418
June Beckum 4 931-388-3325
Mike Singleton 5 931-334-3677
Andy Jackson 5 931-334-6221
Gerald Adkison 6 931-682-2712
Kim Willis 6 931-381-0085
Linda Whiteside 7 931-285-2250
Ricky Sims 7 931-583-2502
Judy Vick 8 931-987-0748
Debbie Turner 8 931-388-4258
Jerry Dickey 9 931-381-1293
Sonny Shackelford 9 931-381-5454
William (Tot) Roddy 10 931-379-3770
Tommy Wolaver 10 931-379-0522
Davis Burkhalter 11 931-486-1664
Scott Cepicky 11 615-945-2360

-Historic Maury County

Maury County Now is sponsored by First Farmers and Merchants Bank


Maury County Now is Columbia and Maury County’s news show covering the events, ideas, groups, and highlights happening in and around and Maury County.

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Hosted by Ross Jaynes, Ty Cobb, Hanna Miller, Quan McFall, Adam Southern, Jonathan Hickerson and Kyle Bratton.

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