Maury County Now April 22 2013

Watch Maury County on CPWS PowerNet 13!

Maury County Now is a news show covering the events, ideas, groups, and highlights, happenings in and around and Maury County. Segments featured on this show include:

An Interview with Broadway Animal Trainer Bill Berloni, Casey, and Sonjalyn Dickson Rine about adoption and the Maury County Animal Shelter
Historic Maury County with Adam Southern
King’s Daughters’ Center for Autism with Meridith Pettigrew
Leadership Maury’s ‘Feed the Need’ with Megan Bruch

Watch Maury County on CPWS Channel 13!
Hosted by Ross Jaynes, Ty Cobb, Hanna Miller Quan McFall, Adam Southern and Jonathan Hickerson

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A CPWS PowerNet 13 Production, CPWS PowerNet 2013

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