Maury County Now October 22, 2012

Watch Maury County on CPWS Channel 13!

Maury County Now is a community news show covering the events, ideas, groups, and highlights, happenings in and around and Maury County. Segments featured on this show include:

United Way of Maury County: Our Community United 0:18 with Kickoff Footage 06:06
Pizza and Politics, select questions from House District 64 and 69, Senate 28 07:20
Pet Tip of the Month with Dr. Brandie Grace 19:15
Back Road Ramblin’ with Jonathan Hickerson 19:41
Dog Days at Maury County Park with with Sonjalyn Dickson Rine 22:49

Hosted by Ross Jaynes, Quan McFall and Jonathan Hickerson

Want to have your event or group featured on Maury County Now? E-mail us at!

A CPWS Channel 13 Production, CPWS Broadband 2012

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